brooklyn bridge

So, Spring has been peeking its head around the corner up here, but has not decided to stay just yet.  As a way to coax it out, I thought I would post some nice, sunny, spring time pics (even though these were taken on a weirdly warm day back in February).  This was documentation of my first time to walk the brooklyn bridge even though I have been here almost 2 years.  My hubby and our pup, Bonnie, went along as well even if she wasn’t exactly excited about it at some points. Take a look…







…relaxing on the ride back home…


5 Responses to brooklyn bridge

  1. Michael


    Did you photoshop Reid’s scary tooth?

  2. Nancy

    Wow, next time I come up I want to walk across the bridge. However, being with Bonnie during some thunderstorms, I don’t think I want to go with her!!

  3. Kathy

    Wow! I love the patterns of the bridge suspension wires. Did you take a cab home?
    Thanks for the treat!

  4. Stuart

    the one of bonnie on the ride home is awesome!

    and the other with reid and bonnie in front of the sign is really interesting…too bad reid is wearing some killer shoes

  5. love these! especially bonnie out the window. i used to have a bonnie, but his name was sam.

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