sneak peek: katie + stephen

I shot this beautiful wedding a couple of weeks ago in Knoxville, TN with the amazing Kimberly Manz by my side. ┬áDespite the insane heat, it was a great and joyful celebration all around. ┬áBe sure to stop by soon as I post more images from Katie and Stephen’s day… for now here is a sneak peek…


4 Responses to sneak peek: katie + stephen

  1. Theresa

    How beautiful!

  2. Elizabeth

    This is such a beautiful picture. I don’t even have to see their faces to feel their peacefulness!

  3. kane dossett

    plz send pics It was an amazing time and experience…..HK

  4. Carolyn W. Dishart

    Beautiful! So glad I was there.

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