molly + matt

Freshly fallen snow, ear muffs, a plaid scarf, ranunculus… all of these add up to a great engagement shoot with Molly and Matt.  We took advantage of the big snow fall from the night before and I’m so glad we did!  Molly and Matt, thanks for trudging through the snow with me and I can not wait to capture your wedding day in a few months!



















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  1. Danny

    Ms. Murphy, I love the horizontal with the skyline in the background. I hope someday you’ll make me and Dom look that fantastic, even though we’re old and married and just the other day I told him I’d slit his throat if he put the dustpan on my clean kitchen counter one more time.

  2. Robin Kempf

    These images are so very lovely and romantic–I got goosebumps just looking at them! You really captured their joy in each other. I love the touches of color against all the black and white. Perfect. Thank you, Kate.

  3. Nancy

    I have to agree with Danny, I think the B&W horizontal with the couple walking and the city scape in the background is stunning! I wouldn’t mind having a poster of that hanging in my house even though I don’t know the couple!

  4. patsy hodgin

    The pictures are beautiful and the snow was unreal. I am so excited for Matt and Molly.

  5. Bo Shamrock

    Love the picture under the bridge. I’d watch out for this ‘danny’ character, she sounds violent.

  6. You are so very good at what you do. I’m just amazed and inspired.

  7. auntie di

    Incredible photography allows one to feel the love and joy! My favs ~ cityscape scene and the bridge. Wedding photos can only be more awesome!

  8. Lindsay Harrell

    Beautiful. I totally agree with Nancy, I’d hang that photo in my house too!!

  9. What a lovely engagement session. Love the flower, love the earmuffs, love the snow. So sweet.

  10. Molly

    I love them!!! If our wedding day pictures are even close to this good, I will be a very happy bride! You rock!

  11. I love these images! Very pretty… these are lovely shots.

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