martha’s vineyard

This was my first trip to Martha’s Vineyard and I absolutely fell in love with the island. We had a weekend filled with good friends, lots of relaxing and just enjoying being out of the city for a bit. Many thanks to Paul, our great host for the weekend who showed us the highlights and opened his home to us. There are definitely wheels turning trying to figure out when we can make a return trip! (All of the images shot on Fuji Pro 400H or 800Z)

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  1. Janet

    Katie, Granny & Grandad spent their honeymoon on Martha’s Vineyard 64 years ago. I am sure it was as beautiful then as your pictures show it now!!

  2. B. Shamrock

    The guy in the gray shirt looks like a professional athlete.

  3. Wow! I love The Vineyard and this has me dying to go back.

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