2011 has been an amazing year for me personally, professionally and photographically. I have been blessed to work with clients that have shown me nothing but kindness and gratitude while really I should be sending that their way for allowing me to document their lives. Not being one much for words, here is a little photographic rundown of the beautiful couples I had the chance to photograph this year. Thank you.

the doss family

I’ve been so lucky to get to know the Doss family over the years and have loved seeing the kids grow up with each family photo session. The last four images crack me up– it was the end of the shoot and I just let the kids do whatever they wanted. You can definitely see their different personalities coming out.

liza + cutler

I loved editing this session of Liza, Cutler and their pup Walter who is the friendliest dog in town. We hung around their home (I would hire Liza to decorate my home in a heart beat) and then they took me to a spot in Nashville where I had never been before (which is surprising as a born and raised Nashvillian). Can’t wait until their wedding next Spring… maybe Walter will make another appearance. You can view the entire shoot here.

rugged maniac

Here are some shots from a race my husband ran in Brooklyn a few weeks ago (he’s the one jumping from the top of the rope wall). It was one of those adventure races with obstacles throughout and was definitely entertaining to watch. Maybe I’ll participate next time… all shot on the Leica M6 with Fuji Neopan 400.


mr. sweet

Brandon modeled for the FIND workshop I attended in Seattle this summer. I was looking through some of my shots and loved this combination of the Rollei and Tri-X.


capri southampton

A few shots from a shoot I did earlier this summer out in Southampton at the newly revamped Capri Hotel. It’s pretty rainy in NYC today and I thought the colors could brighten up someone’s day. The Lovely Maggie Waltemath of Meyer Davis Studio was the mastermind behind this project. Maggie also has a blog where you can catch up on all things design here.