dara + trent in paris


These two are some of my favorite people to photograph not only because they know how to work it for the camera but they are just fun to hang out with and I’m lucky that I have had the chance to photograph them on more than one occasion. This time around Dara & Trent were celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary in Europe and we met up at the beginning of their trip in Paris. It was a typical grey, wintry day but Paris is beautiful anytime of year and we found some great spots as we wandered around the city for an afternoon.


dara_trent_01 dara_trent_02 dara_trent_03 dara_trent_04 dara_trent_05 dara_trent_06 dara_trent_07 dara_trent_08 dara_trent_09 dara_trent_10 dara_trent_11 dara_trent_12 dara_trent_13 dara_trent_14 dara_trent_15 dara_trent_16 dara_trent_17 dara_trent_18 dara_trent_19 dara_trent_20