marya + andrés


There are so many things that I love about this intimate, backyard wedding… the bride and groom’s infectious excitement, the beautiful summer Massachusett’s day, the garden roses in the table arrangements, her blush dress… it all just came together and it seemed like everyone invited to the wedding was involved and contributed something to the celebration. Enough words and on to the photos!


marya_01 marya_02 marya_03 marya_04 marya_05 marya_06 marya_07 marya_08 marya_09 marya_10 marya_11 marya_12 marya_13 marya_14 marya_15 marya_16 marya_17 marya_18 marya_19 marya_20 marya_21 marya_22 marya_23 marya_24 marya_25 marya_26 marya_27 marya_28 marya_29 marya_30 marya_31 marya_32 marya_33 marya_34 marya_35 marya_36 marya_37 marya_38 marya_39 marya_40 marya_41 marya_42 marya_43 marya_44 marya_45 marya_46 marya_47 marya_48 marya_49 marya_50 marya_51 marya_52 marya_53 marya_54 marya_55 marya_56 marya_57 marya_58 marya_59 marya_60 marya_61 marya_62 marya_63