Hi. My name is Kate and I’m a photographer. Thanks for stopping by to see my work today! I currently call London my home but I shoot in the states quite a bit, particularly NYC and down south, and love to travel everywhere else in between. I’m a southerner at heart, born and raised in Nashville, TN, but my accent is a little softer from my 5+ years living in New York.

Storytelling within a single frame- that is what photography is to me and what I try to do with every shot. It can be a quiet moment between two people, the way the light falls through a window or a raucous celebration among friends. I think coming from a big family where something is always going on allowed me to observe from an early age and I use that when I take photos.

When not photographing for work, I am still constantly documenting life with my husband. I delight in simple pleasures like having a meal with friends, chatting over drinks, walking in the park with my dog, seeing a great band play, exploring my neighborhood, meeting new people…

So if you find that you like my work, please get in touch and we can talk more. Thanks again for stopping by!


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