catherine + dan


Today I’m excited to share a beautiful upstate NY wedding I was privileged to photograph last year. Catherine and Dan were so warm and welcoming and had one of the most elegant first dances. A special thanks to Peter Mercado for shooting with me!

catherine_dan_01 catherine_dan_02 catherine_dan_03 catherine_dan_04 catherine_dan_05 catherine_dan_06 catherine_dan_07 catherine_dan_08 catherine_dan_09 catherine_dan_10 catherine_dan_11 catherine_dan_12 catherine_dan_13 catherine_dan_14 catherine_dan_15 catherine_dan_16 catherine_dan_17 catherine_dan_18 catherine_dan_19 catherine_dan_20 catherine_dan_21catherine_dan_23 catherine_dan_24 catherine_dan_22 catherine_dan_26 catherine_dan_25catherine_dan_27   catherine_dan_30catherine_dan_29   catherine_dan_28catherine_dan_31catherine_dan_33 catherine_dan_32catherine_dan_34 catherine_dan_35 catherine_dan_36 catherine_dan_37 catherine_dan_38 catherine_dan_39 catherine_dan_40 catherine_dan_41 catherine_dan_42 catherine_dan_43 catherine_dan_44 catherine_dan_45 catherine_dan_46 catherine_dan_47 catherine_dan_48 catherine_dan_49 catherine_dan_50 catherine_dan_51 catherine_dan_52 catherine_dan_53

dara + trent in paris


These two are some of my favorite people to photograph not only because they know how to work it for the camera but they are just fun to hang out with and I’m lucky that I have had the chance to photograph them on more than one occasion. This time around Dara & Trent were celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary in Europe and we met up at the beginning of their trip in Paris. It was a typical grey, wintry day but Paris is beautiful anytime of year and we found some great spots as we wandered around the city for an afternoon.


dara_trent_01 dara_trent_02 dara_trent_03 dara_trent_04 dara_trent_05 dara_trent_06 dara_trent_07 dara_trent_08 dara_trent_09 dara_trent_10 dara_trent_11 dara_trent_12 dara_trent_13 dara_trent_14 dara_trent_15 dara_trent_16 dara_trent_17 dara_trent_18 dara_trent_19 dara_trent_20

happily grey in london

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely and stylish Mary of the blog Happily Grey during her trip to London. Pop on over to see her post as we strolled through Notting Hill and maybe get a fashion tip or two!


turbans + flowers

willa_turban_01 willa_turban_02 willa_turban_03 willa_turban_04 willa_turban_05 willa_turban_06 willa_turban_07

A few images from a fun shoot I did with Willa a little over a year ago. Styled by my talented sister-in-law, Francesca Harrell.


Hop on over to to read a few tips on how to look your best in your wedding photographs (I give a tip or two!).

four by three


Today I launched a new blog based on my travels and life in London called Four By Three. If you have a chance, head on over to to check it out. I hope you enjoy it!


sam + reid

Sam & Reid are two of the sweetest and most genuine people I have had the honour of photographing. These two photographers who hail from Montana were joined by family and friends for a very intimate ceremony in Northern Wales last summer. You can read so much more about the day from Sam herself over on Snippet & Ink.

001slideshow_KM130613001101_05sam_reid_02 sam_reid_03 sam_reid_04 sam_reid_05 sam_reid_06 sam_reid_07 sam_reid_08 sam_reid_09 sam_reid_10 sam_reid_11 sam_reid_12 sam_reid_13 sam_reid_14 sam_reid_15 sam_reid_16 sam_reid_17 sam_reid_18 sam_reid_19 sam_reid_20 sam_reid_21 sam_reid_22 sam_reid_23 sam_reid_24 sam_reid_25 sam_reid_26 sam_reid_27 sam_reid_28 sam_reid_29 111slideshow_KM130613001100_02sam_reid_31 sam_reid_32 sam_reid_33

122slideshow_KM130613001101_11119slideshow_KM130613001101_01sam_reid_36 sam_reid_37 sam_reid_38 sam_reid_39 sam_reid_40 sam_reid_41 sam_reid_42 sam_reid_43 sam_reid_44 sam_reid_45 sam_reid_46 sam_reid_47 sam_reid_48 sam_reid_49



Head on over to to see a lovely feature on Whitney & Thomas’ wedding I photographed in Doonbeg, ireland.


leah + nathan

2013 brought me so many amazing clients and with the celebration of the new year I’ve finally gotten together the time to gather images from the past year and share them with you. Leah and Nathan call New York home but New Orleans holds a special place in their hearts and that’s where they decided to tie the knot last spring. Here are a few of my favorites from their celebration…

leah_01 leah_02 leah_03 leah_04 leah_05 leah_06 leah_07 leah_08 leah_09 leah_10 leah_11 leah_12 leah_13 leah_14 leah_15 leah_16 leah_17 leah_18 leah_19 leah_20 leah_21 leah_22 leah_23 leah_24 leah_25 leah_26 leah_27 leah_28 leah_29 leah_30 leah_31 leah_32 leah_33 leah_34 leah_35 leah_36 leah_37 leah_38 leah_39 leah_40 leah_41 leah_42

honey harvest

Back in July the lovely Anna and Tassja of Juniper & Lily held a honey harvest event for Kinfolk Magazine in London. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast made by the two of them as we learned all about the art of beekeeping from Stephen, who tends to multiple hives throughout London, and even showed us a working hive first hand. We ended the day by infusing our own honey with different herbs and spices to take home. The entire day was a great event from start to finish and who knows, maybe beekeeping is in my future!