dara + trent in paris


These two are some of my favorite people to photograph not only because they know how to work it for the camera but they are just fun to hang out with and I’m lucky that I have had the chance to photograph them on more than one occasion. This time around Dara & Trent were celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary in Europe and we met up at the beginning of their trip in Paris. It was a typical grey, wintry day but Paris is beautiful anytime of year and we found some great spots as we wandered around the city for an afternoon.


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happily grey in london

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely and stylish Mary of the blog Happily Grey during her trip to London. Pop on over to see her post as we strolled through Notting Hill and maybe get a fashion tip or two!



Image inspired by a beautiful black and white portrait of Lucille Ball on her wedding day.

xanthe & family

Xanthe is an inspiring photographer and filmmaker (you can view her work here) that lives in London and after meeting her at the Art & the Heart workshop last summer, I contacted her to see if I could photograph her family. We met up on a cloudy April afternoon to photograph them at one of their favorite spots on Hampstead Heath. She and Luke have raised two amazing sons, Ky and Cosmo, and I loved getting to hang with their family for the afternoon.


I met Cam, along with lots of other great photographers, at the Art & the Heart workshop back in July and he was kind enough to pose for me. He is half of a great husband/wife photography duo- check out their work here.

the doss family

I’ve been so lucky to get to know the Doss family over the years and have loved seeing the kids grow up with each family photo session. The last four images crack me up– it was the end of the shoot and I just let the kids do whatever they wanted. You can definitely see their different personalities coming out.

mr. sweet

Brandon modeled for the FIND workshop I attended in Seattle this summer. I was looking through some of my shots and loved this combination of the Rollei and Tri-X.


dara + trent

Sorry for the lapse in posting the past two weeks, but as soon as I got these scans back from the lab, I knew I had to share them. Dara and Trent are both creatives (she in fashion and he in photography) and it was such a joy to photograph them both near one of their favorite coffee shops downtown. I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story…



I am a lucky aunt. I’ve got 5 adorable nieces and nephews (and one more on the way!) that I get to hang with when I travel down south. My sister better watch out next time I am in town– I might pack this one up in my suitcase and take her home with me.

the greathouse family