toby + henry

I made a trip to SoCal at the end of February (a nice break from the Manhattan winter!) to photograph some clients who are getting married later this year. My first stop was in Los Angeles where I got to spend the day hanging out with Toby & Henry at their local haunts. I’ve known Toby forever but haven’t seen her in ages and I loved getting see her again and meet Henry (And I fell in love with their house… I was serious about that home swap if you ever want to come to NYC, though you may get the short end of the deal). You can view the entire shoot here.

colleen + matt

Colleen & Matt were recently married in a beautiful winter wedding and I wanted to post some images from their fall engagement shoot we did a couple of months ago.

jessica + truly

erin + ozzy

more to come…

more to come from Erin & Ozzy’s shoot soon…

tara + nick: rutgers

emily + jon: boston

caitlin + neil

lizzie + andrew (and tucker)

Lizzie and Andrew’s wedding is coming up so I thought I would post their engagement shoot from earlier this summer.  We went to multiple locations in Philly and finished off the session with their adorable chihuahua, Tucker.  I loved getting to see the city with you two and can’t wait for this weekend!

tina + paul

Just across the Hudson in Weehawken, NJ, I met Tina and Paul for their engagement shoot and they really couldn’t have chosen a better day to enjoy the Manhattan skyline.  I loved that they thought to bring along the hand painted signs Paul made (about where they are from) that will be used at their reception.  I’m looking forward to seeing you two in a few weeks for the wedding!  (shot on Fuji Pro 400H and Kodak T-MAX 400)