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queen of the hebrides

A few weeks ago Reid and I took a belated 30th birthday trip for him to the insanely beautiful isle of Islay– home to many delicious whiskies, covered in peat, cows and sheep, and populated by some of the kindest people I have come across while traveling. We were both really looking forward to this trip and it exceeded any expectations we had by leaps and bounds. Of course I brought along a few cameras to document our adventures and when I got the film back I immediately wanted to print everything off. What I ended up doing was create a book through Pinhole Press and that is the reason this post looks a little bit different- instead of creating a new layout for the blog, I simply uploaded the pages I made for our book. Haven’t gotten the final product back yet but will let you know how it turns out when I do! And now please enjoy the beauty of this Queen of the Hebrides.


One of the many breathtaking views we witnessed while visiting the isle of Islay a few weeks ago. Excited to share more from this Scottish adventure we had!


Just a few snippets from a trip to Paris in October (shot from Sacre Coeur).


A tiny town carved into the side of a mountain, surrounded by a vast ocean, filled with beautiful sights and sounds. Welcome to Positano!

britney + ted

I can not even begin to say how thankful I am to have been chosen to document Britney & Ted’s wedding in Positano, Italy, this past spring. Such a beautiful setting that was made even more beautiful by this celebration of love. What a way to begin life as partners!

a joyous exit

I adore Britney & Ted and how absolutely joyous they look exiting the church after their wedding ceremony. These two were wed in Positano, Italy, this past spring and I am so looking forward to showing you more from their celebration. More to come soon…

dreaming of capri

courtney + kevin

I have been updating the portfolio section of the website lately and realized I never posted this wedding from (eeek!) 2 years ago! Courtney & Kevin were married up in the Adirondacks near lake Brantingham where the bride’s family has had a home since the early 1900s. It was the most beautiful weekend and centered around bringing their friends and family together to celebrate love. Truly one of my favorite celebrations to witness.


travels in roma

A few days in Rome from back in June. Late summer nights, walking along the Tiber, enjoying long meals with my love.


marissa + rick : new orleans

I was fortunate to spend my first time in New Orleans photographing Marissa & Rick’s wedding and it was a trip I will never forget! Their celebration embraced the spirit of the city and it was felt among everyone- friends, family, and passersby alike. Thank you so much to Marissa & Rick for bringing me down south to capture the weekend!