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I got this bundle of eye candy in the mail last week and knew it had to be shared… Jen and Scott are clients of mine that are getting married in a few months and this is their awesome invite.  Studio Jones was responsible for creating these little lovelies and you can view more of their work at their etsy store here.  I can’t wait to capture Jen and Scott’s wedding in a few months time!


details: pimm's cup

Oh its about that time of year when nothing is better than drinking a pim’s cup with some friends with a breeze to help cool you off.  This is another image I took from my brother’s wedding last June. I just love the colors!


details: cake!

Who doesn’t love a good cake? Or better yet a lovely cupcake? All I think when I see this image is “yoink!” and how I could probably eat 10 of the mini cupcakes at one time.



This week I wanted to post some details shots, one a day, to go along with beautiful weather we are having (and lets hope it continues!).  This first shot is from my brother’s wedding back in June.  I love the dreamy quality it has… this definitely makes me think of summer time.