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marya + andrés


There are so many things that I love about this intimate, backyard wedding… the bride and groom’s infectious excitement, the beautiful summer Massachusett’s day, the garden roses in the table arrangements, her blush dress… it all just came together and it seemed like everyone invited to the wedding was involved and contributed something to the celebration. Enough words and on to the photos!


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the ace: palm springs

While in Palm Springs a few weeks back I stayed at The Ace Hotel. We had such a good time when we stayed at their NYC location that I thought I should try this one out too and it did not disappoint! You must try the sangria while lounging by the pool… I have plans to be in Seattle and Portland later this year so maybe I can get a full house visit them all!

molly + matt

Molly & Matt’s beautiful rooftop wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty! It was such a perfect day and I couldn’t have asked for lovelier clients. Thanks so much for letting me a part of it all! You can read more about the details of the day from Molly here.

gina + tom

Gina & Tom’s wedding was such a fun celebration and a great way to kickoff the wedding season! There were so many beautiful elements but I think my favorite detail of the day was that Gina wore her mother’s wedding dress (it was altered from the original) and it made for such a unique and personal detail. Thank you so much Gina & Tom for letting me be there to join in on the fun and a special thanks to Laura Ivanova who shot with me!

jessica + truly

a secret wedding

I had the chance to photograph two secret weddings this year. Two! I felt so honored to be one of the few people who got to celebrate this special day with both couples and capture it for them so they can share it with loved ones down the road. So even though I can’t share the images yet, I wanted to say congrats to my lovely (and in love) couples!

doss family

This was the 2nd year that I have been able to shoot the Doss family and it is always such a treat to get to hang out with them… and this year they had a furry addition to the family!  Thanks again Doss family for the great shoot!

erin + ozzy

nyc marathon portraits

This was the first year for me to see the NYC Marathon in person and I knew I wanted to document it in some way in addition to the candids from the previous post… so I decided to ask runners who had just finished if I could take their portrait, just as they were.  Everyone I encountered was so proud of their accomplishment (rightly so) and also so humbled that I would want to photograph them that I was never met with a “no”.  This is what the back end of 26.2 miles looks like.

nyc marathon